Canyon Trails Home Buyers Report

The following is a market report for the residential development of Versailles in Wellington FL brought to you by Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent and Wellington Realtor Mark Baker. In this Home Buyers report we will cover the current houses on the market, the current market prices within the Gated Community and the statistics of the sales of the 90 days sold houses including the sales price per square foot and the sales to list price. This Real Estate Market Report will give home buyers a good understanding of the real estate values in the gated community of Versailles in Palm Beach County Florida.

Current MLS Listings for Sale

In this video I will be going over Canyon trails and boy beach florida
is current market also to take a look at the current comps including the price
per square foot and the sales the list price of great information for anyone
looking to buy a home and his gated community.
 We will start by looking at the available homes within the community currently there’s
twenty three houses that are on the market now all those twenty three houses
we have one property this under contract more contingent to properties under
contract marked pending one accepting backup Offers leaving 19 properties that
are currently available all 19 of the homes that are currently listed are
traditional sales.

Canyon Trails Home Prices

 Next we will look at prices within the community on the low end we
have $362,000 for a three-bedroom two-bath home with a little over 1,700
square feet on the high end we have nine hundred sixty-five thousand dollars for
a five bedroom 5 bath home to little over 4,700 square feed and then the
median price of a home up Canyon trails comes in a $515,000
Now lets take a look at the sold properties in the last four months 12 properties have
sold the average sales prices come in for $491,000 the average sales price per
square foot came in at $169 with the range of $142 on the low end to a high
of $212 per square foot the average days on market came in at 67 days.
All 12 of the properties weretraditional sales.

Sales to List Price of Recently Sold Real Estate

Next week and take a look at the sales to list price, now this is
really good information because it gives you as a percentage of the list price
of what sellers are letting go of these properties for.  So on the low end we had
94% of the list price was paid.  The average buyer pays 96% of the list price, and then on
the high end someone paid 99 percent of the list price.

Current Canyon Trails MLS Listings for Sale

This information has been provided to see the relationship of the actual sold price of a home to the list price at time of contract.

  • Low end was 94% (6% discount of the asking prices)
  • Average was 96% (4% discount of the asking prices)
  • High end was at 99% of the asking price (1% discount of the list price)

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Canyon Trails Boynton Beach FL Home Buyers Report